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Thread: Patriotic Poetry ( English )

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    Default Patriotic Poetry ( English )

    Today my dear fellowmen,
    You will learn about some men,
    Who are for their country,
    More than just someone who brought them victory,
    For when their nation was in danger,
    their blood boiled in anger,
    Without caring for their personal life,
    They left their parents,children,and wife,
    And off they went like real heroes,
    To make the enemy feel like zeroes,
    These men had muscles like Iron,
    And had the hearts of a Lion,
    When the enemy faced these men,
    The enemy didn't know where to go then,
    For one of these men,
    Was enough for the enemies then,
    The enemy then ran away like rats,
    Like rats run after seeing the cats,
    Thus these men saved the country,
    Giving it a proud victory,
    The heroes of this story,
    Work for the world's best military,
    These are the great and ever victorious,
    Our Proud Indian Armed Forces!

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    Default A Patriotic Wish

    I'd like to be the sort of man the flag could boast about;
    I'd like to be the sort of man it cannot live without;
    I'd like to be the type of man That really is Indian:

    The head-erect and shoulders-square,
    Clean-minded fellow, just and fair,
    That all men picture when they see
    The glorious banner of the free.

    I'd like to be the sort of man the flag now typifies,
    The kind of man we really want the flag to symbolize;
    The loyal brother to a trust,
    The big, unselfish soul and just,
    The friend of every Indian oppressed,
    The strong support of all that's best,
    The sturdy chap the banner's meant,
    Where'er it flies, to represent.

    I'd like to be the sort of man the flag's supposed to mean,
    The man that all in fancy see wherever it is seen,
    The chap that's ready for a fight
    Whenever there's a wrong to right,
    The friend in every time of need,
    The doer of the daring deed,
    The clean and generous handed man
    That is a real Indian.

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    2 marvelous poems....thanks for sharing.

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    Default _ Honor _

    Letís honor our Armed Forces,
    The men and women who serve,
    Whose dedication to our country
    Does not falter, halt or swerve.

    Letís respect them for their courage;
    Theyíre ready to do whatís right
    To keep India safe,
    So we can sleep better at night.

    Letís support and defend Indian soldiers,
    Whose hardships are brutal and cruel,
    Whose discipline we canít imagine,
    Who follow each order and rule.

    Hereís to those who choose to be warriors
    And their helpers good and true;
    Theyíre fighting for Indian values;
    Theyíre fighting for me and you

    Jai Hind !


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