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Thread: Indians have to celebrate Independence Day

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    Default Indians have to celebrate Independence Day

    This issue is entirely a travesty of the dreams of Indian freedom fighters who devoted themselves for the country’s liberation from the imperialist yoke. Surely they did never conceive that the succeeding generations would not be able to comprehend the true meaning of national liberation and the same is happening these days. How many persons in India can comprehend the true meaning of August 15 ? This can be a good question in any quiz competition! Well, many people would say that August 15 is still celebrated across the country with splendor. Is this all? How many children do know the true meaning of this day? As per an assortment of studies, only 15% of children, including teenagers, can narrate the true significance of the same.

    Whose fault is this? Well, without a shred of doubt, it is the failure of the Indian political system at large. It has completely failed to make people realize the necessity of commemorating August 15 or Independence Day of India. But the same should have been undoubtedly. Liberation struggle for national independence in India was second to none in the worldwide history. It did commence from the Revolt of 1857. In the following years, the vigor increased to an all time high and led to the development of different paths. While there was the non-violent movement at the behest of Mahatma Gandhi, there was also the revolutionary struggle. Hundreds of thousands of revolutionaries in different parts of British India devoted their lives and experienced inhuman hardships, anguishes and also destruction.

    Shouldn’t these be remembered? These must be venerated; Indian Independence Day or August 15 is not related with any religion or ritual but a day on which every Indian should take pride as an Indian. And the reverse of this is both blasphemy and betrayal. Unfortunately, the same is taking place these days. Indians need to celebrate Indian Independence Day 15 August without any exception.

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    Question 15th this how we celebrate it ??

    15th august 1947, independence day of india which is a national holiday for the countrymen. but with each passing years, it is simply losing its importance. is this how we celebrate our independence day?? by watching movies with family, by going to clubs, by attending disco parties or simply sleeping in our cosy beds. we seriously need some solid steps to be taken to give back the signigficance of this day to the people who lost their lives and those who got us our right back to live in a free nation.

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    when the kids go to school, before they develop a sense of understanding, they memorize the list of holidays in school.....
    come on, admit it, how many of us have not been happy when the month of august began, just because we had a holiday on 15th... and if 15th was a weekend, oh Damn!! what a disappointment is used to be
    guys, dont you feel we're losing the importance of independence day beneath the heavy burden of school bags? if not school bags, might be our personal, professional or family life..
    it seems we need to revise the lessons well again to realise the importance of the day and that can be instantaneously done by simply visualizing life if we had not celebrated our independence yet!!


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