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Thread: History of Cricket in India

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    Default History of Cricket in India

    Cricket in India has become the unofficial national sport in the realm of India and the way in which its fame is increasing with the passing of each day, the day is not far when each and every household will send their children to take private tuition in cricket. Witnessing all these a question does haunt often. How did all these start in India? What led to the beginning of cricket in India? Do you wish for to know the answer? Listen it from here, cricket happens to be one of the glorious contributions of British India and had there not been any British dominion, there would hardly have been any cricket in the length and breadth of this vast country.

    If the history is looked into ever, it is found that the inception of cricket in India took place as early as 1725 thanks to the initiative of some sailors in Kutch. Te next credit goes to Calcutta exclusively, in 1792 the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club got formally established. Again within the year 1799 a Cricket club did take place Seringapatam. As far as the commencement of First Class Cricket in India is related, it did start in the year 1864wiht a friendly match among Madras and Calcutta. It was only in the year 1877 when the Bombay Presidency Match was played first. Nevertheless, in the later years it did change to Bombay Triangular and subsequently to Bombay Quadrangular.

    You may not believe but the appearance of foreign cricket teams in India is an old affair and the first English team did arrive in 1889-90 at India. George Vernon happened to be the skipper of this team but it is also true that its matches played here are not regarded to be First Class Cricket matches. It was year 1892-93 when two matches at Bombay and Poona; the participating teams were Europeans team and Parsees team. The match was indeed historical as it did initiate launch of the saga of First Class Cricket in India. Following this, four First Class matches did take place between an English team and an All India team. The English team was led by Lord Hawk and the same did occur within 26th and 28th of January 1893.

    If you want to know the first official endorsement, Ranji Trophy remains a glorious example. Ranji Trophy does stand for First Class Matches in Indian Cricket; it did begin in 1934-35 and goes on till date. It’s the time to look at the exploits of Indian international cricket team. The international cricket career of India did start with the playing in the MCC tour between October 1926 and February 1927. But it was the year 1932 when India started to play Test Cricket in the English Season. Maharaj Kumar of Vizianagaram and his own team containing Herbert Sutcliffe and Jack Hobbs, proficient cricket players, benefited the prospect of Indian cricket a lot.

    If you wish for to get acquainted with Indian success in cricket, you have to focus on post independence era. India’s first Test Series victory against Pakistan did take place in the year 1952. But the winning of Cricket World Cup in 1983 created the greatest difference and paved the way for successes in the future.

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    the history of cricket in india is very nice. india started playing cricket long back and the game slowly started getting fame. the domestic cricket slowly took pace with the introduction of ranji trophy. india first won world cup in 1983 and it marked indian presence globally. though india has not won many world cups it has got lots of attention these days.


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