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Thread: Pre Independence period of India

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    Default Pre Independence period of India

    Pre independence struggle makes India proud : The term pre independence India is quite complicated and may denote lots of developments along with declinations and if you wish for, you may focus on the entire course of Indian history starting form the ancient era to the national independence in 1947. Without a shred of doubt, this period can be delved into but may lead to sleepless nights in profusion. Why don’t we focus on the pre independence era that witnessed the birth of Indian freedom movement? After all, this happens to form one of the glorious chapters of Indian history and thanks to the same, India or the perfect emblem of a multiethnic, multi-religious ad multi-linguistic nation, for the first time, got hold of an exclusive identity – Indian.

    Prior to the same, there is the need of a critical analysis of first era of British India or pre independence India. It has to be accepted that British India brought about lots of decisive changes in the Indian scenario and the credit, in this regard, goes to the fact that imperialism has lots of merits as well. And the first of these is that there is the need of a strong and vigorous administration along with discipline in the social sphere. Truly, British India became able to introduce a strong discipline and through the set up of railways, judiciary and also modern police and administration, India attained the age of modernism.

    But this honeymoon ended up soon when the mercantile interests of British supremacy got manifest. What did start as land oriented disturbances in the upper India led to the strongest disenchantment among the Indian aristocracy, especially the dethroned blue blood, and sepoys (Indian soldiers), devoid of livelihood for years. What did happen in 1857 as a result of minute conflagration in North India engulfed almost the whole of India before long. Even if British historians have tried best to put down or disgrace the same movement, it is regarded as the “First War of Indian Independence”- the first momentous event of pre independence India.

    Even if the first flare of independence struggle met an untimely death owing to British ferocity, the scenario changed soon. At this time it was Bengal, where the seeds of militant nationalism were witnessed to raise belligerent heads. Owing to Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Anushilan Samiti and Yugantar, militant philosophy, for the first time, was found to make a strong impression among the young generation. Maharashtra and Punjab were found to join the movement soon and the anti-partition struggle in Bengal that did dare to unsettle a “settled fact” proved that the days of British hegemony were numbered.

    The movement for national liberation gained a national character before long owing to the emergence of Mahatma Gandhi in the national scenario. His mantra of non-violence that was a direct consequence of Indian philosophy mesmerized the whole of India and history was created in an unusual manner for the first time. The civil-disobedience movement based on non violence rocked the entire British Empire and even 10, Downing Street, seat of British Government. The coveted independence, as a result, became a reality on August 15, 1947.

    Pre independence period of India and the glorious struggle for national liberation forms one of the greatest chapters of Indian history.

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    the whole world watched the way india got its independence. in the golden pages of the world history, the indian freedom struggle has got the huge supporters, fans and appreciators who did hats off to the indian people for their war and then the win. as per the united nations, the indian independence and then the partition, was the biggest ever translocation of the people ever in the human history and that too on the basis of religion where pakistan threw hindus from pak but india never asked muslims to leave india.


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