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Thread: Famous Tourist Places in Ranchi

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    Default Famous Tourist Places in Ranchi

    India is a great tourist spots in the world and it has some of the pure and serene places. Ranchi is one such Beautiful place. This place offers an uncanny peace and happiness to all the visiting tourists. Situated at a height of 2140 feet above sea level is a perfect place for a holiday destination and family tour. The serene locales and a panoramic view of the city life can be observed from hilltop. Ranchi has a lot of great tourist destinations in and around the city that can be enjoyed. The place is also known for its religious practices.

    When in Ranchi you must look to visit some of the places adjoining the place. The Sun Temple is a popular tourist destination in Ranchi and is situated at a distance of 39 km from the main town of Ranchi. It is an isolated and desolate place situated amidst bushes near the local landmark of Bundu stands on Tata roads. The temple is a very popular among its followers and large numbers of people throng the place every year to pray and pay homage to the god. The surrounding area of the temple is also beautiful with lovely ponds and architecture works defining the cultural value of the place.

    The Jonha falls is another famous tourist place in Ranchi. This is about 40 km from the Ranchi town. The path towards this place is really narrow than usual but you can make it as it is not rough. The fall offers a great view and is a delight for photographers.

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    Ranchi is also one among the lively tourists spot where many people visit every year to explore its majesty and beauty. There are many attractions in and around the place to explore, like The Rachi Lake, The Pahari Mandir, The Hudru Falls, and the Rock Gardens.


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