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Thread: Economic Planning in India

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    Default Economic Planning in India

    The Economic Planning and Economic Development in India has been going on great since independence and this has played a major role in the Indian Economic Growth and development of the country. This Economic planning and development has led India become self sufficient. Pre-independence there was a lot of problem about the food and the health and the home for the people. The condition of India was pathetic at that time Indians were going through hell. This all improved and has seen a new dimension all because of the Economic Development and Planning in India. This planning alone has helped this country flourish. If the developments in the agricultural land had not taken place then we could not have imagined what our lives could have become.

    The systematic planning by the great Indian Economists has helped India. They had a step by step plan which helped the Indian People grow. Firstly it was to be self sufficient. The people in the country did not think about business and expert and import. There concern was on the people and their development. This systematic thinking helped in the Economic Development and Planning in India. Things which mattered the most were given due importance. During this time the export and the import of the food and other products would have led to a down fall in the economy because as it is the funds in the country where close to nil. This thing was paid due importance and this resulted in the growth of the country. This planning has proved that proper planning can lead to development in the economy and played a very important role in the growth of the country.

    Economic planning is very important for the country and a vast progress can be seen with the proper planning.This trend still continues because of the positive results it shows. We have seen great results with it.

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    india has gone through intensive economic planning programs and so we have a very good economy at present which has robust growth rate too. all this would not have been possible if there was no economic planning. but we should also consider better plans for future and device economic strategies in a way so that we can have largest economy in the world.

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    Economic planning in india is nothing great but it can become good though if the politicians use their brains in making the economy strong. Indian economy is growing at a good pace but what about those people who are not getting any benefits from the growing economy. Most of the money gets in to the pockets of those mere politicians and economy policies which are made are completely based keeping in mind the profit of govt. Changes need to be done in the planning of economy by the govt of india.

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