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Thread: Poems on Corruption

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    Default Poems on Corruption

    Are we Indians coward,
    Or are we shy..
    Or we care somehow,
    But we dont wanna try,

    We have adjusted ourselves,
    So well in this corrupted place,
    Has it become our tradition ?
    Or we lack the guts to face…

    We say corruption chokes,
    Then why we Indians breathe it ?,
    We say corruption kills,
    Then why we breed it ?,

    The corruption helps,
    To set the culprits free,
    It blinds the law,
    & still we shamely see,

    It widens the gap,
    Of poor and rich,
    Then we continue the same,
    Without any hitch… ?

    Somehow i feel…

    Our coward mind has,
    Hurled down his brain,
    Come what may,
    Even let our money drain…

    Has this become, Our way of life ?
    To adjust with whatever it is…

    And move on, Without a break to re-think, Re-construct, and reform our Corrugated minds…

    Is it that no business runs without it ?,
    Or is it that we dont wanna put an end to it..?
    Are we not prepared for it.. ?
    Or we really dont care ?

    Many questions in these little brain, And almost all unanswered……

    But atleast we can support those,
    Who have atleast tried to stand for it,
    Some greatones like Anna Hazare.

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    Default Poem Against Corruption

    CORRUPTION is the latest epidemic in the planet,
    eating the people, Looting the Nation
    no cure, no medicine, no special hospital,

    Money is the virus,
    it is fatal,
    everyone is stuck in it,
    with no objection,

    from Politician to saint,
    from courts to government officers,
    all are infected,

    all want money,
    all want rights,
    all want concessions
    all want promotions,
    all want Mercedes,
    all want flights,

    next generation is absorbing the same,
    really its a big matter of shame!

    India Let's Fight against Corruption together !

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    Default Poem on CORRUPTION in India

    I spring from haunts of Yadavs and Panwars;
    I make fast and sudden tally
    And hide it in the dark drawers,
    And show my power in rally.

    By dark lanes I march down,
    Or jumps through the hinges,
    From villages to towns to cities I frown,
    Crossing over odds and ridges.

    Till last by Ali’s and Telgi’s farm I flow,
    To join the glittering harbor,
    For men may come and men may go,
    But I remain for ever.

    I chatter and cross over secular ways,
    Unmindful of law and justice,
    I inflate by socialist and social justice bays,
    I babble on voters’ ways rustic and pathetic.

    With currency notes stashed, wardrobes I fume and fret
    By many a constituency but hallow,
    Enjoying the nights of fairies wet
    Decorated with roses bright but shallow.

    I boast and blow, as I glow
    To join the dark world here,
    Crowns may come and crowns may go,
    But I remain for ever.

    I air about, Sonia, Mohan in and out,
    They make way for smooth sailing,
    Every where cheered by lusty touts,
    And here and there live in Raja-Maya wing.

    Sometimes watched by Annas’ flake,
    Me and my comrades, as I gravel
    But come to my rescue high and mighty fake,
    When on rocky terrain, I travel.

    I reside in palaces on lush green plots,
    I steal by gun totting covers,
    Ages may come and ages may go,
    But I will remain for ever.

    Welcomed by sweet perfumed lass,
    Those rare for happy young suitors,
    I dance, I laugh, I chat, I glance,
    Among my plotting followers.

    I make my stinking leaders dance and cheer,
    By my fat pockets and bags,
    I laugh under dark clouds and hidden star,
    I loiter around to fear rags and wags.

    Out again and again, I flow;
    I ring my bells wild without fear,
    Armies will come and armies will go,
    But I remain for ever.

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    Default Fight against CORRUPTION - Poem

    It is true, there are people, that don't really care
    They go on with life and ignore the bad news
    But just remember some are simply unaware
    Some information still needs time to diffuse

    There are some people that simply choose to act blind
    They watch the world through candy coated glasses
    Know that there are others that were just left behind
    Much of what we learn is from our school's classes

    We have been taught to live but not how to react
    We hear something so wrong we do not believe
    Some people are so lost they deny what is fact
    Despite all the truth some things we can't perceive

    So proud some are to play the part of the hero
    In truth many actions proved erroneous
    The falsity scores many, while truth scores a zero
    Some things start nice and then end felonious

    Let the free criminals pay all their rightly dues
    Now it is our turn to make a wrong a right
    Even those holding power, don't let them abuse
    Never allow truth to take away your sight

    Be a rebel and tell the world all that is wrong
    Even if you're mean, persuade that you are right
    Research to find the truth and you will become strong
    Change their brainwashed minds so all may shed some light

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    Default Poem on Anna Hazare's campaign against corruption in INDIA

    I am astounded to see the deluge of people
    Surging out to support him
    Certainly corruption is not a part of their life
    It has been imposed on them
    They denounce it with full might
    They have shown that the country will
    No more be governed by the corrupt leaders
    They are ready to make any sacrifice
    To uproot this diabolic trend
    The old man, though his limbs are at loggerhead,
    His spirit is amazing
    He has lit a flame
    Now it's our duty not to let it go
    And carry it at the destination.

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    Default Poem on - ERADICATE CORRUPTION from INDIA

    We heaved a little sigh
    When Indian tri color rose high
    It was free air for us to breathe
    Entire world was happy and eager with

    We won the independence with great struggle
    Even though challenges stayed ahead with troubles
    Our forefathers visualized India as great and tolerant giant
    A truly democratic, peace loving and non defiant

    We were like infant in new world
    Committed to peace and no part in cold era
    Joining world forums for stable and peaceful atmosphere
    Where world can live in harmony and peace without fear

    Soon we tested the money power
    The power was passed in the hands of fewer
    It has become game and now total shameless show
    World is strangulated and forced to withdraw

    Had those leaders been alive today?
    They should have wept and thrown the power away
    Was this the dream they wanted to realize?
    Scoundrels and murders were meant to oblige

    The corruption is at its peak
    The politicians have captured it with stick
    The money is poured in to realize the power
    The constitution is subverted to benefit the fewer

    National wealth is pushed outside country
    The poor nation is at the mercy of almighty
    Not millions but billions are siphoned
    Illiterate and mafias have totally cloned

    It is new breed and now coming on scene
    The murderers and gang rapists are freely seen
    Not a single work is done without favor
    Whole political system needs one tremor

    What do we do then to counter such move?
    How can we unite and forcibly remove?
    Whether to face the game of ballots or bullets?
    How can we simply witness such corruption or forget?

    Years have gone off after becoming republic
    Adding more and more sufferings for poor public
    No grains and no food for two square meals
    How much loss is reported or revealed?

    Food grain is rotting in open railway land
    Few more places are allowed to become wetland
    More damage means more benefit and gain
    Does it not pinch our heart and cause the pain?

    I shed tears for all those who have nothing
    At least this could offer them meals for something
    What do they want from us for honorable living?
    We are still harping on democracy and deceiving?

    Oh, God befall curse on us and lead to the end
    Let the life be over with the foes but not friends
    What our people are doing on their own brethren?
    Why have they no pity or slight concern?

    They have become thick skin persons
    Enormous wealth has blinded them with selfish reasons
    Even seasons do change after some interval
    These culprit politicians wait only for cyclone’s arrival

    Not a single field is left for corruption
    It goes on unabated without any interruption
    Some like minded persons should come forward for its disruption
    Else this system will kill us all without any questions

    Dictators are far better than these hungry wolves
    They have to serve only one master but not for all to involve
    Power corrupts all but absolute power corrupts absolutely
    The powerful struggle must be waged and faced resolutely

    Leave everything behind and form one solid group
    Choose the people with integrity and stage a coup
    Not coup for causing bloody street battles and cause a misery
    But a solid signal of public uprising and conveyed to adversary

    It is time to strike at its root
    If we really want to enjoy the fruit
    The system has failed and caused anxiety
    The power has slipped into hands of mighty

    It was one revolution that took place
    We are determined with it to replace
    We want no such system that can keep us hungry
    Complete population is up in arms and angry

    We shall bring down any such misrule
    The politicians are having their hands full
    They have no time for public concern
    It is now their high time and turns

    Not all may be corrupt and criminals
    But their performance and inactions baffles
    Why can’t they raise their concern in open?
    Why do we wait for fruits to ripen?

    The farmers are committing suicides
    They have no place to cry and confide
    High debts and government’s policy drive them to corner
    The high handedness may be over sooner or later

    Let the bad rulers know that their days are numbered
    Their each move may be countered and outnumbered
    If not hanging in public place then their place is behind bars
    In day time public will show them shining stars

    What are we called upon to combat such nuisance?
    To express strong resolve in everybody’s presence
    Not to yield to any pressure for coming to compromise
    Until they take pledge and honestly work with promises

    Our forefathers may be lamenting about brewing bubbles
    How many people might have sacrificed their lives for independence struggle?
    Who were they and what was going to benefit to their families?
    No one has answer today about the independence and its utilities

    If not death then at least public condemnation
    Publicly announce their names with notifications
    Let whole world know that these are the public enemies
    They have snatched the hard earned money and bread from the families

    The red fort can be ideal place for murders, hoarders and black marketers
    It can pass the red signals for those who are considered big racketeers
    Nothing can be spared for all those who involve in anti national activities
    The nation has no dearth for such talents and can demonstrate abilities

    Each one from families may have to come forward
    With complete resolve to lay down life and not to look back ward
    The time ahs come to strike and get rid of such corrupt regime
    We will not relent until they are forced to surrender with “ism’

    Rise o, country men and knock the corrupt people out
    Make them realize that this is their fate and possible route
    Nothing can now save them from public ire and wrath
    They will be driven away in open and sometimes face the death

    We have one of the best systems in world
    Only we need to create a safe and new fold
    Where rich and poor, businessmen and farmers
    Can exist side by side in spring and summer

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    Default Corruption in India Poem

    In the sacred land called Bharat
    Corruption has become a habit.
    From top brass in authority
    To the lower sections and aam aadhmi!

    But the menace has gained strong roots
    Into every sphere and profession;
    All the good that is being done
    Is offset by corruption.

    Blame corruption for many evils
    And vices that plague society;
    It is the cause for democracy
    Being unable to deliver its fruits!

    It is reason for rich becoming richer,
    And the poor turning poorer;
    It is the cause of price-rise,
    And taxes exorbitant!

    It is why black-money grows
    And black-marketing prevails;
    This is why India remains quite poor,
    And under developed among world nations!

    If only corruption can be curbed,
    India will become a paradise;
    A billion souls can live in peace,
    And prosperity will dwell upon all!

    - Dr John Celes


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