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    India is as rich in cuisines as it is in it's culture and traditions. There are endless cuisines available in India due to diversity in customs and traditions prevailing in India. And hence we can say that food can never be a problem to tourists in India. In fact we have many world renown cuisines for which many people across the world travel to India to experience the culinary delights of India. I think we should share some of the famous cuisines from each region of India so that others can get to know.

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    Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture and traditions. Indian cuisine are cherished and venerated worldwide. Indian Cuisine consists of copious local cuisines which traits back thousands of years. The delicacies of India are epitomized by the extensive use of an array of Indian spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Indian cuisine is also eminent for the invasive practice of vegetarianism in Indian society. Each and every kin of Indian cuisine clinches an all-embracing assortment of dishes and food preparation procedures. Indian cuisine also demonstrates a divergence from prefecture to prefecture, apparently the freckled demographics of the culturally mixed nation. Tandoori meats and vegetables, Kashmiri wazwaan, Hyderabadi biryani, the flimsy zest of the Hilsa fish venerated in Bengal or the fish moilee a chosen by inhabitants of Kerala and the Konkan coast. Indian Cuisine is unarguably the most out of the ordinary preeminent food available in the world which is lip smacking, easy on the pocket and generally healthy.

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    India is known for its diversities and Indian Cuisine is not an exception. Indian Cuisine is loved and is famous around the world. Every state has their own cuisine and every cuisine has its own uniqueness. Indian Cuisine is mouth watering, affordable and nutritious. Every cuisine is made using different spices and oil making it more delicious.

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