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Thread: Importance of Education for Women

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    Question Importance of Education for Women

    Almost FIFTY percentage of the world population constitutes women. Women are the primary caregivers in almost all societies. Therefore, if they are educated, they can contribute to the health and education of the next generation.The right to education , without discrimination and of good quality, has been reaffirmed in all major international human rights conventions. Education helps women or Girls claim their rights and realize their potential in the economic, political and social arenas. In my opinion, living without an education isn't living at all. “Education is the husband that will never let me down” . All over India women are realizing the importance of Educating themselves as well as their children.

    How important do you think is it for women to be educated?

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    Educating the women is equally important as it constitutes the half of the total population. It can help in curbing a lot of social evils from the society. Educating a woman is educating a Nation. Thus it is very important to educate women for making a better nation.

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    Education of women is an important step towards the development of the country.Women education is an important constituent of the country`s literary rate.Education is the right of every individual and women can not be an exception in this matter.

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    Education is the only way that is capable of taking India to a new level. Educating the women folk means empowering the women that constitutes more than half of the Indian population and empowering women means empowering the nation and this will take India to a new level of development.

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    Education is the most essential virtue of human life. It is not only important for women but also for men as it helps in intellectual as well as overall development of a human being. Education is important for women because it has the capability of boosting up the confidence in women, it creates awareness and will help women to know and fight for their rights, it is the way to gain freedom. With education women can become self dependent and make their identity in the society.

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