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    A recent report states that anemia impinge on the urban people as well with one in three teenage girls impinged in cities. The key grounds being they desire diet whim or junk food. According to the doctors the nutritional preferences are escalating whirling to refined food deficient essential nutrients. Several adolescents prance breakfast which should be the main meal of the day. It leads to erroneous eating practice that causes weakness in the body structure. In India about 55.8% women and about 24.7% men have anemia with maximum dominance in Assam and Jharkhand (about 69%) subsequently Bihar (about 67.4%). Even the national capital New Delhi has a female anemic population startling about 44.3%. According to the National Family Health Survey III anemia causes one in five pregnancy related deaths, triples the risk of early delivery and low birth weight babies and amplifies peril of fetal death. Anemia affects about 24.7% adult men. Anemia in mothers also leads to irrevocable brain dent and meager growth in babies. The majority adolescent girls are deficient in necessary awareness about fitness that makes them malnourished adults and afterwards to unhealthy mothers.

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    This is a great piece of information and is exceedingly helpful. Anemia is a decrease in red blood cells or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood. It is now a common problem observed especially among the young girls. The major reason of it is life style and the food habit. Anemia should be taken seriously as it can be a reason for many other diseases in the later part of life.

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