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Thread: Indian education system merits and demerits

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    Default Indian education system merits and demerits

    Indian Education system like any other system, comes with both merit and demerits. Some of the merits and demerits of the Indian education system are:


    Indian education system offers world-class education and provides students with knowledge of every subject.
    Indian Education system has reduced the number of illiterates in India
    It provides holistic education
    Indian Education system has helped to change the Indian society to a great extent.


    India education system does not provide practical knowledge.
    It does not provide employment opportunities
    The quality of education is not very good as India is a vast country.

    What according to you are the merits and demerits of Indian education system?

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    Indian education system like any other education system comes with various merits and demerits. One of the biggest demerits of Indian education system is that it lacks proper infrastructure and this leading to various other problems that the Indian education system is facing. The other demerits of it is that it does not use modern methods of teaching and lack of well-trained teachers in the primary level. Moreover, the cost of education is extremely high for higher-education and most people cannot afford it. However, it also has some merits. It provides a wide range of subjects which helps students to learn. It helps us know about various cultures and traditions of India as well as incarcerates moral values.

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