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Thread: Sex and Indian Women

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    Default Sex and Indian Women

    Indian society has been a conservative society and sex before marriage was considered as a taboo in our society for both the sexes. However, with the advent of modernization, the outlook of Indian society has changed to a great extent and sex before marriage is no longer considered as a taboo. Sex has become open in our society and it proves that western culture has been embraced by our society with open arms. Indian society has become quiet liberal in all terms and sex is today discussed quite freely. Indian women also have become quite liberal regarding sex and many women freely discuss about their sex life. Moreover, women today even have multiple partners before marriage and this is no longer considered as something which is not acceptable or the woman is not hated or looked down by our society. Nevertheless, living in relationships has become quite common in big cities of India and people accept such relationship with ease. My question is that whether it is a good thing for our society or bad?

    In my opinion, sex is something very personal and there is nothing to be discussed openly with everyone. I have witnessed many women and young girls take pride in having sexual relationship with multiple partners but in my view there is nothing to take pride in it. Media has been quite an influence in this regard and has made our society much more liberal than required. I might be sounding quite orthodox but sex is totally a private affair and not something that needs to be discussed so openly and there is nothing to take pride in having multiple partners. Sex is a desire that every adult has but it is also a sign of commitment and love towards the partner. Indian women today are becoming more liberal in their thoughts about things like sex or alcohol abuse and many young girls think it to be “cool”. However, in my view, sex is something which is sacred and should not be done with anyone and everyone. It is something that should be reserved for a special person and having multiple partners is also a risk as it can lead to many serious diseases. Moreover, it has been medically proved that women who are more involved in sexual activities or get active in sexual activities at an early age or those women who have sex with multiple partners are more prone to STDs, cervical cancer and many more fatal disease and AIDS is one among such.

    I am not against modernization or embracing western culture. It is important today to have proper sex education but this does not mean that we get involved in excessive sexual activity just to show that we are modern. I still believe that sex is a divine thing and it is a way to prove your commitment and love for your partner and not to be shared with everyone. Moreover, liberal thinking does not mean to sleep around; rather it means to accept things that can make you a better human being. I am not sure if anyone will agree with me but this is my perspective as an Indian woman towards sex.

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    Sex has become quite open in our society and Indian women have become quite liberal in terms of sex, which was once a private affair and was even considered as a taboo. However, I completely agree with you that sex is something that is totally private and it is a sign of love and commitment towards the partner. Women should maintain their grace and not discuss it with everyone so openly. It is not a sign of modernity according to me.

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