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Thread: Importance of Youth in Nation Building

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    Default Importance of Youth in Nation Building

    Youth are the most dynamic, energetic and they are highly ambitious. Today, the power of Youth is given importance all over the Globe and India us not exception to it. They can be used by the nation for in both constructive as well as destructive ways. In India, the population of Youth constitutes major part of the nation and if they are used in a constructive way, they can be great resources for the nation in its progress and development. If the energy of these youth of India are utilized in a proper way, they can be very helpful in building the nation. They can contribute in nation building as they have new ideas and approaches, which will help the country to develop and progress. What do you think?

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    Indian youth should be used in building the nation as they are the future of the nation. They are the most important part of our nation as they are the ones who has the power to change the nation and thus, their potential and power should be used in a constructive way in building new India, that will be free from discrimination, social evils and crimes. Thus youth play a very important role in nation building.

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    Youth of any nation are the most important and dynamic section of a society as they have the potential to change and build a nation. Youth are important in nation building as they are the ones who have the capability to build a nation as well as destruct it but if they are motivated and directed in the right path, they can change the future of the nation and build a better India.

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