Sanitation and hygiene conditions in India particularly in the slums, remote, villages and under-developed areas are getting worse day by days. There is already so much of land pollution in those areas created by the factories and the general public. There are no proper sewage facilities and neither adequate water resources. Poor sanitation and hygiene creates serious parasitic bacterial infections and spreads germs that pollute the air and the atmosphere which ultimately makes the public sick and suffering from many serious diseases. The Survey reports done on cleanliness in the country state that; that around thousand children under the age of five, die every day due to the serious diseases (diarrhea, hepatitis, typhoid) caused by poor sanitation. Around 70% of the households in India have no access to toilets and approximate 60% of the people including the rural population also, defecate in the open. Poor sanitation and less hygiene create good conditions for mosquitoes and flies that spread many dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue and typhoid among the people. Along with this with the increasing population the housing/accommodation facilities are becoming less for the general people due to which they are finally compelled to settle their temporary household near the roadsides or in the congested areas which eventually give rise to unhygienic conditions. Thus these pathetic and poor sanitation conditions need to be dealt with very seriously.